Shining the Light on Raw Grief

    My Grief Story and Why I Write

    Death in the Waters


    In January of 2017, all the hopes and dreams I once had for my life suddenly vanished with the untimely drowning of my first true love, my then 31 year old husband.  In an instant, I found myself shocked, shaking, and soaking wet on the shore of a small lake, as I held my seven small, crying, now fatherless children in my arms.

    A Remnant of What Was


    Suddenly, God thrust my children and me into a new life we never could have imagined; one that felt like a mere heap of ashes, a still remnant of what once was.  I have often felt like the old me died that day.  In the wake of such tragedy, a new me has been created by God as He has carried me through difficult fires of necessary refinement.

    Light Shining in Darkness


    The darkness of my journey once often felt like a torturous nightmare.  From the start, God gave me a passion to journal about the realities of my weak, raw, and often messy looking grief.  He has taught (and continues to teach) me many light-filled lessons in the shadows of this loss, the greatest of which is this - He is faithful.

    Reflections of Grief

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